Words, Thoughts, Poems, and Stories

Words. Words are powerful. I have learned that the hard way and the beautiful way. What you say matters. Once said, words exist forever.

I have written my entire life to express emotions, work out internal dilemmas, and just to experience the joy and pain of the creative process. The Words section of this site contains poems, thoughts, short stories, and more. I have noticed that sometimes I feel too much to write, and other times I feel too little.

The A Part in Every Scene Lyrics page contains words for the songs on that release.

The Glass Dream Lyrics page contains words for Glass Dream.

The Thoughts page contains poems, lyrics, and words that come together in the right way.

The Commentary page contains poems, commentary, and ideas. It is the same concept as the Thoughts page with a little less structure!

Winding River is a story about boys coming of age and learning some hard lessons in the desert of New Mexico during the 1970s.

It is my hope that if you read anything in this section, you will find some beauty and meaning.