Who is Anonymous Somewhere

Ramon West looking out of window

Anonymous Somewhere is a project from Ramon West currently based in Albuquerque, NM.

The Anonymous Somewhere project is a blend of electronic soundscapes and sometimes vocals that include videos, motion graphics, and animation. The compositions are often layered upon basic drum and bass rhythms and explore a range of emotional themes. They can be thought of as short stories or even as audio paintings.

What is going on?

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    Why Anonymous Somewhere?

    The name "Anonymous Somewhere" is a description of a place where you are unknown to others. It refers to times when someone is completely anonymous, such as traveling alone in another country, or interacting with others on the Internet.

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    A very special thanks

    A special thanks to Christine West for her help, inspiration, and ideas. I could not survive without this wonderful woman in my life!

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    What's new?

    Well, the latest release can be found here A Part in Every Scene. I am constantly working to find my own ever changing voice combining emotions of darkness, beauty, and light. This release is a good example of my efforts. Also more videos, animation, and experiments are availalbe on the Ramon West YouTube channel.

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    Do you play this stuff live?

    Well at the moment not really. This particular effort is a studio project only. I think of the compositions as paintings and stories set to music. The instrumentals are mainly designed as accompaniments to visual imagery, animation, and imagination. I don't have any plans to perform these live, at least not right now.

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    Can I use some of this work on my video project?

    Possibly, contact me and let's discuss it!

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    Where can I hear this music?

    Anonymous Somewhere music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and more. Just search and you will find.

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    What's next?

    Well, the Anonymous Somewhere project has reached it's natural conclusion. This site is now an archive of the music created for the project. Ramon continues to create music under his own name and through the new DesignsW organization. Meanwhile you can have a listen to the final Anonymous Somewhere recordings on the A Part in Every Scene page and see more on the Videos link!

Please enjoy this wonderful day on this beautiful planet! Use it with care.

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