This page contains commentary, poems, and ideas.

  • Words of Meaning

    I am sorry.

    I love you.

    I was wrong.

    Please forgive me.

    How are you?

    Can I help you?

    What can I do?

    Do you need to talk?

    I forgive you?

    Can I hold your hand?

    Please help.

    You are beautiful.

    Your life is important.

    Can I help you with your pain?

    We will face this together.

    We are all one.

    Where is the cat?

    I hope you sleep well.

    I look forward to tomorrow.

    Good night my love.

  • Our Autumn

    Can you free yourself
    Are you here at all
    Do you feel the joy and pain
    That wraps around you
    Can you see beyond your anger
    Your grief, your desire, and fear
    Are you able to be touched by love
    Watch out for labels
    They serve to divide
    They work for those
    Who would benefit
    You are one
    And they another
    We are guilty
    Soon there is no place to hide
    It does not have to be
    The endless need
    For more and more
    Man of the hour
    Don’t you want your children
    To grow up
    Better than us
    More complete
    Imagine the possibility
    And make it so
    It is up to you
    Woman of the hour
    Is this our last hurrah
    To finally learn and to grow
    Or wither away
    In a blaze of heat
    The swan song of the 21st century
    It is up to you
    And us
    Speak now
    Or never hold your peace.

  • Part of the String

    Open the day
    Breathe out the window
    It's all still there
    It's all still there
    Step through the door
    Enter the room
    Put on a stare
    Put on a stare
    Climb up the ladder
    Be someone
    It's all so clear
    Never mind
    Noise in the background
    It can't get near
    It can't get near

    We will swim in the sky
    Drown in the sand
    Walk on the moon
    Live off the land

    Build a great city
    Live a great dream
    Fabric of moments
    Part of the string

    Part of the string

    Paint a great picture
    Stare at the sea
    Write a great novel
    It will happen you’ll see
    A knock on the door
    Go down the stairs
    Beware of darkness
    It's always there
    It's always there
    Remember to smile
    Fold up the daydream
    The friends will care
    The friends will care

    We will swim in the sky
    Drown in the sand
    Walk on the moon
    Live off the land

    Build a great city
    Live a great dream
    Fabric of moments
    Part of the string

    Part of the string

    Listen on The Future is Unwritten page

  • Independent

    With so many
    A common people
    Separated by language
    As they say
    The high ground
    We believe
    The asylum seeker
    Our statue
    And those excluded
    Still a day
    It means
    Here we are
    Fleeing the tyranny
    As it were
    God America I
    As a poet once said
    Any day of peace is welcome

  • One Day

    "Oh by the way,
    We are all human
    And move through borders
    It breaks us down
    But then again anger
    What is it they miss?
    The opportunities they did not pursue?
    The chance to be better than someone else?
    The chance to tackle a terrorist on a plane?
    The job taken on the 12 hour field?
    If only there were more dishwashing opportunities America could be great again.
    We long, we separate, and we are one in our division.
    I do not agree with you.
    It is true.
    I really feel it.
    I suppose in the end I can die with that.
    I am old.
    Can you?
    Oh the children of our generation deserve something.
    But let’s make a little money first.
    Our company is so important.
    Oh our dear leader is good TV
    Never mind the potential for real life
    Real innovation
    Real opportunity
    Never mind the pain
    Endless drowning in despair
    Life of fear
    Time to flee
    Hope in the land of the something
    I am sick
    We are sick
    But perhaps we will
    Move on
    One day
    It could

  • What is on my mind

    What is on my mind?
    Passage of time
    love, pain, joy
    and sadness
    flowers and cages
    tears, laughter
    friends, family
    beginnings, endings
    the present
    beginnings again
    and indeed light
    I wish you well my friends.

    Lush, cool, pearls of wisdom
    The definitive guide to affinity
    Rolling laughter languishing hope

  • Caroline Falls

    The summer is fading now
    Away from its spring
    The darkness has a glow
    Remembering these things
    The leaves are shaking here
    Begin to fall
    The world is on a bed
    The writing is on the wall
    A bridge is breaking now
    Begins to crash
    The river still runs cold
    The body turns to ash
    Food on the table
    In the street outside
    There are people laughing there
    But only tears inside

      Caroline falls
    Like a bird with a broken wing
    Caroline falls
    From a place that she might have been
    Caroline falls
    The river is running dry
    Caroline falls
    From a bed where she could not lie

      The darkness surrounds the lake
    When it’s cold
    A feeling standing here
    That we’re already growing old
    A dream that has broken
    a piece of the heart
    The memory will fade
    The faces torn apart
    A walk with her
    In the clouds and the rain
    The places we would go
    And cannot visit again
    A crack is there
    But don’t open the door
    The faces of the past
    Will wash up on the shore

  • Being Human

    Love each other
    Show kindness
    Reach out today and check in on a friend
    They might really need it.